This competition has longstanding roots in a collaboration between Ohio University and the University of Pécs.  The partnership began in 1989 as a way to facilitate a student and faculty exchange that would pair entrepreneurial education with global vision.  This year, four other schools have joined the partnership to provide innovative educational opportunities while  positively impacting their regional communities.

The partnership is managed through the Simonyi Business and Economic Development Center at the University of Pécs and the Center for Entrepreneurship at Ohio University, jointly-managed by the Ohio University College of Business and the Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.


University of Pécs – Hungary

The Simonyi Business and Economic Development Center located at the University of Pécs has a focus in offering general service business incubation to their members arriving at any stage of their life cycle as owners of high impact ideas with scalable social and economic assets. They help their members move technology out of the lab and into the marketplace, providing a powerful range of entrepreneurial resources and enhanced innovation capacity for business owners at all stages of personal and business development. They strive at learning and creating together with our stakeholders. The BEDC aims at investing their efforts into educating a new generation of business founders and creative thinkers.

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Ohio University – United States

 The Center for Entrepreneurship at Ohio University works with the University’s academic units to expand and enhance entrepreneurial education offerings through multidisciplinary academic coursework, continuing education programs, and applied learning projects.  They work to support entrepreneurship and business development throughout the region by providing a full array of hands-on support and services to entrepreneurs and start-up companies.  The Center for Entrepreneurship also develops and manages a network of investors and professional business advisers to support their education and developmental objectives.

The Technology and Business Development Center at Ohio University Chillicothe serves as an intersection between students, business resources, and the community. Their offerings, including their Applied Management program, empower students to become drivers of positive change in their community.  The center works to champion innovation and economic growth throughout central Ohio.


Swansea University – United Kingdom

Swansea University’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IfEL) is based within the Department of Research and Innovation is an inter-disciplinary, pan-institutional research institute of Swansea University.  IfEL provides both a research and development function and a central point of coordination for the delivery of entrepreneurial activity at Swansea.


Osijek University – Croatia

Faculty of Economics in Osijek
The Faculty of Economics in Osijek (EFOS) is one of the oldest faculties of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. It was founded in 1961, as continuation of activities of the Centre for Economic Studies of the University of Zagreb, with great support of the economy of the time, chamber of economy, and institutions of local and regional authorities. This “regional” foundation has determined the profile of the faculty since the very beginning: focused on problems of regional development and enterprise development in research work, and focused on issues of organisation of operations and enterprise management in educational programmes.
What makes it different from the others are numerous opportunities that it provides for students: a large number of study programmes at all levels of education, many extracurricular activities through which students develop their knowledge and skills and increase their employability, as well as cooperation at national and international level with higher education institutions and business entities on various scientific and professional projects, as well as on mobility projects, through the Erasmus+ program.
Through its vision and mission, the Faculty of Economics in Osijek is proving its commitment to the promotion and achievement of excellence in its scientific research and teaching activities, as an important prerequisite for achieving progress and competitiveness of the society in which it lives and operates.
The Faculty has 61 employees in scientific-teaching and associate titles, and 40 employees in faculty’s support services. With their work, they all strive to increase the quality of service and recognisability of the Faculty of Economics as a centre of excellence.
Professors at the Faculty of Economics in Osijek are pioneers in entrepreneurship education in Croatia. Faculty of Economics in Osijek is the only higher education institution in Croatia providing education in entrepreneurship from undergraduate to doctoral level, including life-long learning program. For its contribution in the field of entrepreneurship Faculty has been granted with UNESCO – Chair for Entrepreneurship.

In 2011 the Faculty has gone through a successful process of international accreditation and received IQA (International Quality Accreditation CEEMAN) certificate confirming: high quality programs and its realization, human potential and capacity as well as the final results.

More information about EFOS you can find on following link:


College of Wooster – United States

Wooster offers an excellent, comprehensive liberal arts education, culminating in a rigorous senior project, in which each student works one-on-one with a faculty mentor to conceive, organize and complete a significant research project on a topic of the student’s own choosing. Through this distinctive program, every Wooster student develops abilities valued by employers and graduate schools alike: independent judgment, analytical ability, creativity, project-management and time-management skills, and strong written and oral communication skills. Founded in 1866, the college enrolls approximately 2,000 students. You can find more information about the Center for Entrepreneurship here.


Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco – Portugal

The Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco (IPCB) is strongly committed to entrepreneurship education. In fact, it was the IPCB that in 2003 created the Poliempreende, an entrepreneurship competition which now involves all Portuguese Polytechnic institutions and about 100.000 students. Through a clear articulation between R&D capabilites and entrepreneurship promotion the IPCB aims to attain as one of its strategic objectives the launching of new entrepreneurial initiatives, such as spin-offs.”
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