Creating an effective video pitch is no easy task.  In two minutes you will need to convey to investors what your business is, what problems it solves, how it will be profitable, and what makes your business the right investment for their money.  You will have to show them that you have done your research and that you have a real passion for your idea.  On top of all of that, your video will be competing with those of other students from around the world.

The first thing your video needs is a hook, something to capture investors’ attention.  This can be a statement, a question, a statistic, or anything else that will pique their interest to  hear more.

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After you have the investors’ attention, you need to make sure you keep it.  So, once you have hooked their attention, it is time to get down to business.  The first thing you need to convey is what your solution is and what problem it will solve.  Focus on the problem first.  Why does it need to be solved?  Who is suffering from it?  Why has no one else fixed it?  If the investors are not convinced that the problem is worth solving, your pitch will not be effective.  If they are convinced, the next thing you will need to do is show them that your solution is the best way to fix the problem at hand.  Highlight the innovation in your solution, but do not go into excruciating detail.  An ideal pitch will describe a clearly defined problem and a unique solution which will be hard for others to match.

So far, you have hopefully captured the investors’ attention, and got them on board with the idea for your business.  The next step, is to prove to investors that you have what it takes to turn your idea into reality.  This is no small task.  The investors that will be reviewing your video pitch are business professionals and all of them have success in implementing an idea in the real world.  They know what it takes to make a venture successful.  Accordingly, their expectations are high.  Be careful not to stretch the truth or use false data in your pitch; rather, do thorough research and use concrete figures to support your argument.  Investors have seen many pitches like yours and they will know when your information does not add up.

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The information that you present should make it clear how your business will generate revenue and grow.  You should briefly explain how you will sell your good or service and who will be interested in buying.  Emphasize the size of your target market and its demographics.  Investors will want to know how you plan to distribute your product to your customers.  Will you use established distribution channels or are you attempting to create one all your own?  Show the investors that you are prepared to implement your project as a real-life business.  Talk candidly about your competition.  The investors will want an explanation of how your business fits into the current market landscape.  Be careful not to underestimate your competitors! Again, these investors have seen many pitches and want to see that you have a good understanding of your position in the market.  To do this, demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of what distinguishes you from them.

The most important part to remember when developing a pitch is that, above all else, investors will be investing in You.  They want someone who has integrity, someone they can trust.  You need to inspire confidence in the investors and prove that you are prepared to live and die by your idea.  You need to let your passion show through.

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